26th of March – Stuck

A man risked his own life to stop a little boy with his head stuck in a window grid from suffocating before help could arrive. According to Zhou Bo, he went outside after hearing a commotion out of the street. I went there, and saw a boy dangling in the air, as his head was stuck in between the window grid. Zhou dashed inside and raced up to the flat but found the door locked. He then went one floor below but discovered that the gap between that window and the dangling boy was too great. Zhou said: Without help, the boy would suffocate soon, or he has the danger of dropping down. So Zhou found a chair and balanced it precariously on the window ledge before standing on it and supporting the trapped boy from underneath. I felt time froze, and my arms went numb but firemen still didn’t arrive, said Zhou. Finally, firefighters arrived 40 minutes later and were able to break into the apartment and pull the boy, who had been left at home alone, to safety.




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